Bitcoin-Themed Art Piece Sells For $130,000 in Christie’s Au…


Bitcoin-Themed Art Piece Sells For $130,000 in Christie’s Auction
Bitcoin is going into the mainstream through art, apparently.A confidential buyer just recently invested $131,250 in fiat dollars to buy”Block 21,” a piece of art produced by Ben Gentill of Robert Alice. Christie’s, which offered this particular piece at auction, kept in mind that $131,250 is more than”7 times its high quote”of around$20,000. The concept with decentralizing the pieces is to symbolically reveal how the cryptocurrency and its hidden code is not centralized or managed by a main authority:”Once dispersed worldwide, these 40 pieces of the code will decentralise the art work– drawing up a worldwide network of collectors, where no one main authority will hold all the code.


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