BMW Korea trials a blockchain-powered benefits program ahead…


BMW Korea trials a blockchain-powered benefits program ahead of international launch
Clients of the world-famous vehicle producer will quickly be able to claim blockchain tokens as benefits as part of a brand-new subscription plan, called BMW Vantage.The Korea Times reported on Oct. 7 that BMW Korea is the very first branch in BMW Group to run a trial of the brand-new plan and intends to totally introduce it in the nation by the end of 2020. Purchasers of existing cars, like the X1, X2, BMW 1 and 2 series cars and trucks, might get up to 600,000, and those who buy brand-new BMW 5 or BMW 6 series automobiles up to 900,000. For BMW repurchases, clients will get additional points based on the automobiles’prices.Buying BMW vehicles isn’t the only method to make points.


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