Blockchain Bites: Square’s $50M BTC Investment, MetaMask’s 1…


Blockchain Bites: Square’s $50M BTC Investment, MetaMask’s 1M Users, BitMEX’s New CEO
Overall worth locked, or TVL, might determine the top-line numbers, however wallets are where financiers park their crypto.The MetaMask wallet, an internet browser extension that enables users to communicate with the Ethereum network and its wide range of wise contract-based DeFi applications, has actually gone beyond 1 million users. That’s a fourfold boost for the wallet considering that 2019, which is established and kept by New York-based software application company ConsenSys. Going after juicy returns in the DeFi area, which can in some cases supply double-or triple-digit returns for providing crypto, is one of the factors for MetaMask’s development, stated John Willock, CEO of Tritium Digital Assets, a crypto liquidity service provider.


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