Significant P2P crypto platform LocalBitcoins is obstructed …


Significant P2P crypto platform LocalBitcoins is obstructed in Russia
LocalBitcoins, a significant peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange, is no longer offered in Russia without utilizing extra tools like a is formally blacklisted in Russia as regional telecom regulator Roskomnadzor positioned the URL on a register of platforms distributing forbidden information.According to main information, the site was blacklisted on July 21, following an order of the Onezhsky City Court of the Arkhangelsk region.It’s not right away clear when precisely Roskomnadzor restricted the access to LocalBitcoins’site. Some regional reports declare that LocalBitcoins users in Russia started to experience troubles in accessing the site in late September 2020. In June 2020, LocalBitcoins executives informed Cointelegraph that Russia was the leading trading volume market on the platform in April and May 2020.


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