Bitcoin Shoots Towards $12,000 as Capital Flows Back Into BTC


Bitcoin bulls are back after weeks of consolidation. The leading cryptocurrency thrust higher towards $12,000 on Tuesday morning. The coin now trades just shy of that crucial price resistance at $11,970.

The cryptocurrency is expected to move higher in the days ahead as macro trends favor Bitcoin bulls.

Bitcoin’s rally comes as altcoins have suffered a retracement, with most dropping a few percent across the board as a weird market dynamic emerges where altcoins seriously underperform BTC.

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Bitcoin Surges to $12,000

Bitcoin is poised to tap $12,000 as bulls renewed their buying pressure heading into Tuesday morning. The cryptocurrency is currently up 2% in the past 24 hours, having traded as high as $11,800 yesterday.

Chart of bTC’s price action voer the past few weeks. Source: BTCUSD from

Analysts think that Bitcoin’s recent price action is a precursor to a further move higher.

One trader noted that the open interest of BTC futures suggests that the coin is reaching a point to buy:

“Open Interest: the # of outstanding futures contracts that have not been settled. For each buyer there must be a seller. From the time the buyer/seller opens a contract until the counter-party closes it, that contract is considered open. Current levels look bullish.”

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Outpacing Altcoins

Altcoins are underperforming BTC by many percent during this move higher.

According to CoinGecko data, leading DeFi coins…



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