Here’s what you should know if you HODL or trade Bitcoin


It may be a tad too early, but ‘tis the season of fun, joy, and a Bitcoin price rally. With Bitcoin holding firm above the $18,000-mark, each passing hour is only going to clarify the difference between stacking sats and trading. In fact, institutions like Grayscale, with an AUM of over $10B, are still stacking above the $18,000-level. This is interesting, especially since there are only 21M Bitcoins and institutions are buying faster than ever.

Institutions HODLing BTC || Source: Twitter

The Grayscale Trust actually added 20,336 Bitcoins this week, taking its net holdings total to 0.52M. Bitcoin, clearly, seems to be emerging as a HODLer’s favorite. In light of such developments, it is very interesting to check out popular analyst Tone Vays’s recent tweet.

In the said tweet, Vays reminded us of the differences between a Bitcoin HODL stack and a trading portfolio. In fact, in his latest YouTube video, the analyst was quoted as saying, 

” …I trust in TA and the only cryptocurrency I HODL is Bitcoin. I don’t think any other cryptocurrency is worth HODLing.”

In the aforementioned video, he also spoke about a bag of altcoins he had bought and forgotten about, before expanding on why he believes there is true value in HODLing Bitcoin…



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