The future of gambling? Hamster-powered marble races come to Ethereum


After just over two years of development, on Sunday a new form of gambling will be released to the Ethereum world on mainnet: hamster-powered marble races. 

Powered by Mia, a female djungarian or “winter white dwarf” hamster and her trusty hamster wheel, the project, dubbed “Mia & the Marbles,” is an automated marble-racing and gambling platform from a group of independent developers. 

While the concept behind the project may seem… whimsical, in an interview with Cointelegraph the development team for ‘M&M’ revealed how carefully the racing platform has been thought out.

“We guarantee races that are provably fair, provably live and easily-verifiable,” the devs said. “We can guarantee that the races are taking place in real-time and are not pre-recorded. We do this with our provably live video stream that shows the first 8 bits of the current Ethereum blockhash physically on the race track with 8 movable pegs. A high peg stands for a 1, a low peg for a 0.”

The team says that there is also a refund function in place for races that don’t deliver a valid outcome after two days.

While Mia & the Marbles may strike some as a thought experiment or hackathon moonshot come to life, the developers say M&M is inspired by a passion for provably fair gambling. 

“We always loved the idea of blockchain gambling projects. But unfortunately, scams are not uncommon in the low-regulated crypto space,” the team said. “So we were brainstorming ideas with the goal to make the…



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