Suzhou to receive $3 million DCEP airdrop as adoption grows


China is leading the world in the development, implementation, and testing of its CBDC with the DCEP project, adding yet another city to the list of test runs.

According to reports, Suzhou will give away 20 million Yuan worth $3 million in the new central bank digital currency.

Similar to the pilot in Shenzhen, citizens will receive funds via lottery in amounts of around $30 in ‘red packets’.

While the various pilots/test runs of DCEP take place across multiple cities in China, certain moves concerning larger retail adoption have come to light.

According to a Tweet from Dovey Wan, JD, the second-largest e-commerce platform in China with 82.9 billion net revenue in 2019, has just announced that they are going to accept DCEP.

He also anticipates that the adoption from giants like Alibaba and Tencent will further accelerate the adoption of DCEP and facilitate the globalization of the Yuan.

Indeed, with the support of large e-commerce giants and payment giants from day one, there is reason to believe that the digital yuan may soon be one of the most widely transacted digital fiat currencies around the world.

At present the yuan represents 4% of…



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