CashPay : E-Commerce Marketplace Powered by Cryptocurrency Launched – Press release Bitcoin News


PRESS RELEASE. CashPay brings ecommerce a step closer to Blockchain Technology through an open distributed ledger that records transactions between two parties in a decentralized manner that involves trust, faster transactions, no hidden costs, etc.

With its launch in 2021, the CashPay platform is going to start with the initial implementation of $CPZ (token), closely followed by CPZ Beta. The company is also going to launch country-specific ecommerce websites and smartphone apps. CashPay is basically a “marketplace for Direct Customers”, a king of payment gateway solutions, which uses Utility Token ($CPZ) or cryptocurrency to make transactions happen. Currently, the company is at a nascent stage but its products are futuristic—CashPay Shop, CashPay EZ (Payment Gateway) and CashPay Passport (Merchant Wallet). The company is betting on the multi-fold growth in the ecommerce market over the past few decades, which has shifted towards transactions done through cryptocurrency.

In the company’s words, “CashPay is the bridge. We have developed a fully functional ecommerce marketplace that serves as a shop where buyers can purchase a variety of goods by paying with cryptocurrency. In addition to the marketplace, we are working on a Payment Gateway that can be integrated on partner and existing ecommerce websites, allowing…



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