Exchange Lists Bitcoin Vault (BTCV)


PRESS RELEASE. Exchange is thrilled to announce the listing of BTCV on the 2nd of February 2021 at 14:00 UTC. BTCV, a cryptocurrency launched back in 2019, claims to have come up with a theft-proof security solution. According to its makers, Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) was developed as the ultimate coin for the crypto enthusiast, hodlers, and traders alike. BTCV will be listed with BTC as a trading pair on Exchange, with more trading pairs being introduced at a later stage.

What Is Bitcoin Vault (BTCV)?

Since decentralized blockchains are immutable, canceling transactions is not possible. So, if someone makes a mistake while transferring the funds or if there was an unauthorized transaction there is no way to revert the funds back into the wallet. BTCV is not a fork of Bitcoin, it is a new blockchain based on the code behind Bitcoin which uses the same hashing algorithm needed to mine new coins – SHA-256. Since its inception, the creators behind BTCV have continuously worked on methods to advance the safety of the coin, and fill the security void evident in other cryptocurrencies, which has not been focused on. After a year of research and development,…



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