Michael Saylor Predicts Massive Investor Shift from Gold to Bitcoin After Buying Another $10M Worth of BTC – Bitcoin News


Michael Saylor, the ‘bitcoin slayer’ that needs no introduction, continues his attacks on everything non-bitcoin, this time unleashing his wrath on gold.

It Feels Great, Says Saylor of Owning More Than 71K Bitcoins

In an interview with Andrew Henderson of Nomad Capitalist, a legal finance advisory, Saylor, condemning gold as a “dying asset” and “dead money,” offered his view of the future of investment: gold is out, bitcoin is in.

To recap Saylor’s ascent to bitcoin supremacy, his firm Microstrategy made headlines for its relentless bitcoin shopping spree during 2020, buying 29,646 coins in December alone. 2021 is no different, with Saylor announcing today another purchase of 295 bitcoins, bringing his total to 71,079.

Here’s how Saylor explains in the interview his aggressive purchasing behavior

It’s a long-duration, safe-haven asset. You can’t debase it. If you look in the long term, ten, twenty, thirty years, owning bitcoin is like encrypting your monetary energy in a way that will preserve it,…



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