Miami Going Full Bitcoin: City Supports Efforts to Hold Bitcoin in Treasury, Allow Tax Payments in BTC – Regulation Bitcoin News


The U.S. city of Miami is going full bitcoin. The city commissioners have voted to support the mayor’s resolution to allow payments in bitcoin for salaries, taxes, and fees. The city also supports efforts to make bitcoin an acceptable currency for potentially investing in the state treasury.

Miami Gets Deep Into Bitcoin

Miami City’s commissioners voted Thursday night to support Mayor Francis Suarez’s resolution that would make Miami a highly bitcoin-forward city.

In a video thanking the commissioners for their support, the pro-bitcoin mayor explained that the resolution “directs the city manager, after analysis, to procure a vendor to be able to offer our employees to get a percentage of their salary in bitcoin, allow our residents to pay for fees in bitcoin, and also would allow the city manager to cooperate with the Miami county to allow for taxes to be paid in bitcoin.” He added:

It’s also a request of the state legislature that the city of Miami supports efforts to make bitcoin an acceptable currency for us to potentially invest in, in the future.

“It’s wonderful to be a very crypto forward city,” Mayor Suarez concluded, after thanking his “commission colleagues” again “for…



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