Decentralized Storage Market Launches on Crust Network – Press release Bitcoin News


press release

PRESS RELEASE. Decentralized storage is a crucial infrastructure in the technical field. With the Filecoin mainnet launch in October of 2020, Filecoin and IPFS are now leading the decentralized storage field. One of the star projects of the IPFS/Polkadot ecosystem, Crust Network proposes to implement key concepts of Filecoin based on the Substrate technical framework within the Polkadot ecosystem, and also address several design and technical issues of Filecoin.

After several rounds of internal testing, Crust Network has launched its Decentralized Storage Market on Crust Apps and opened storage functions to users for public testing from the end of February.

Crust Preview Network, Apps and DSM

Based on the Substrate and PolkadotJS stack, Crust is building a decentralized storage network. Crust uses IPFS as the underlying data storage, retrieval and exchange protocol, and includes layered solutions on storage proof, PoS-derived consensus, storage market and storage applications.

The Crust Maxwell Preview Network was officially launched on February 4th, 2021. As a preview network, Maxwell implements all of the core mechanisms of Crust, including token staking, Decentralized Storage Market (DSM), and file retrieval. Maxwell runs in a real economic system, and participants can lock and claim their CRU (ERC20) tokens to the Maxwell network for staking,…



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