Top 3 NFT brands’ sales grew 381% in February


NFTs had their best month ever in February, according to a report by DApp statistics trackers at DappRadar. Sales volume from the top three platforms grew to $342 million in February, up almost 400% from the $71 million recorded the month before.

Sports memorabilia platform NBA Top Shot dominated the sector and is now responsible for 67% of total NFT transaction volume. The other NFT DApps in the top three are OpenSea, a general crypto collectibles market and CryptoPunks, an Ethereum-based collectibles series. CryptoPunks generated all-time high sales of $79M with the floor price of punks increasing from $10,000 to an average of $32,000.

The DappRadar report also mentioned the tremendous rise in the popularity of generative art, which is art created at least in part by autonomous systems.

High gas fees on the Ethereum network saw several DeFi and NFT projects move off the platform in February, in favor of those with less costly transactions. Binance Chain recently surpassed Ethereum in terms of transaction volume and unique active wallet count and the report noted the rapid growth of several copycat NFT projects on Binance Chain, such as Binance Punks and Bashmarks.



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