This trading platform has a novel approach to welcoming new users


A fully regulated brokerage with more than 100,000 users globally has introduced a novel way of welcoming new customers to its platform.

Quantfury says users who invite their friends to join the platform will receive stock or cryptocurrency as a reward — with a value of anywhere between $10 and $250 — and their friends will receive the same.

According to the company, this could deliver some interesting opportunities that a user may not have contemplated before… such as owning Facebook or Google stock, or gaining exposure to Bitcoin or Ethereum.

In a move to stand head and shoulders above the competition, Quantfury says that users could receive up to $750 of rewards in a single calendar year, depending on how many friends they end up inviting.

A compelling philosophy

Quantfury’s main motivation is enabling trading and investing to be conducted for free and at genuine spot prices from top exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, CME and Binance — with more than 500 assets currently supported.

Founder Lev Mazur told Cointelegraph: “Quantfury has been putting its global user base on equal footing with everyone else for the last two years. Quantfurians are not at a disadvantage out of the gate and are therefore masters of their own fate.”

All of this helps ensure that traders enjoy a level playing field with the hedge funds and financial institutions found on Wall Street and in the City of London — eliminating the unfair advantage that some high net worth…



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