Rare Crypto Faucet and DeFi Apps Launch on xDai Chain – Press release Bitcoin News


press release

PRESS RELEASE. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, March 19th 2021 – Affinity Design – Rarify Apps just launched a new deFi application only possible on layer 2 tech. After only a week since the claiming app debut, the price of Rare Coin soared well over 1000 USD on the Honeyswap DEX after the app garnered over 3 thousand daily active claimers. This was all possible due to xDai chain’s speed and low fees that let users claim a small fraction of “Rare” for only ten cents per claim.

As gas fees on Ethereum continue to rise, yield farming on the platform has begun to wreck yield and make it outright impossible for the little guys to earn a fair share. By building on the xDai chain (a stable coin layer 2 solution) the barriers of cost to entry are eliminated as fees are fractions of a penny and can transact in under 5 seconds. This makes it possible to distribute the total supply of “Rare Coin” to anyone who makes a daily claim on the rare.claims app (available now) or earn more for locking up your Rare & xDai in our Staking app (coming April 2021).

What makes Rare Coin so…



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