Why UTIP Affiliate’s Room is an Effective Marketing Tool for Forex Brokers


Any business is constantly looking for options for expansion, development and profit growth. In such conditions, not only are the competent organization of the company’s internal processes and the production of a first-class product necessary, but also the sale of the product to the end consumer. Advertising is designed to stimulate sales.

Online advertising on websites and in social networking services is increasingly becoming the most modern and effective solution.

And for most Forex brokers, this is the only possible way to attract new clients to their business.

However, the promotion of a company online by sending spam or placing contextual advertising often does not bring tangible results because these ads are either very intrusive or have credibility issues.

People have long formed a negative attitude towards such advertising. If it is not ignored, then it is simply blocked by third-party applications.

There is also an acute issue of banning contextual advertising for Forex companies in a huge number of countries around the world.

Today we are going to tell you why attracting partners is one of the most successful solutions for advertising your brand.

The peculiarities of this type of advertising are going to be revealed to us by Evgeny Sharin, Head of UTIP Technologies, a software developer of a trading platform for Forex brokers.

Will you tell us what advantages brokers can find for themselves in working with affiliate programs?

“Firstly, when joining an affiliate program, partners start promoting their company. Thus, various advertising materials about the company appear online: banners, articles, email newsletters and…



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