This is why Uniswap v3 could have “insane efficiency”


With a tentative deployment date set for May 5th, 2021, the third iteration of decentralized exchange Uniswap is amongst the most hype projects in the crypto space. Its newest features offer its user more flexibility to leverage earning strategies.

However, the creator of Uniswap, Hayden Adams, claims there is much more to the update. Via his Twitter account, he showed the DEX’s new equation to calculate efficiency and said:

I don’t think the insane efficiency of Uniswap v3 has sunk in yet. Over the past 3 months (Jan8-present) the price of ETH/BTC has ranged from 0.0295 to 0.0454 Plugging into the formula, we find it is 9.8x more efficient than v2.

Comparing the second to the soon-to-launch iteration of Uniswap, Adams highlighted other advantages for the users, like the reduction in the amount of capital required to provide liquidity.

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The liquidity providers (LP) will also be able to participate in a specific range for a trading pair to receive trading fees with the “same amount of impermanent loss”. Adams added the following example:

the Uniswap v2 WBTC/ETH pair has $318m in it. If WBTC/ETH LPs instead provided to the range of 0.0295 and 0.0454 on v3 they could create the same amount of liquidity and take on the same amount…



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