Nifty News: Ellen’s NFT auction flops, Oscars controversy, Kayne’s $1.8M sneakers and more


The much-hyped NFT sale by popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has fallen flat, with the comedian selling just five out of 10 available Gold editions of her “Woman With Stick Cat” nonfungible token for $2,500 on the Bitski platform. Another 64 people paid $100 each for an open Silver edition of the same NFT.

The drawing appears to have been created with minimal effort in a bid to satirize the notion that any old celebrity-peddled junk will sell as an NFT.

A Platinum video monologue about NFTs by DeGeneres fetched the highest price — $14,555. In total, the sale has raised just $33,455 for the World Central Kitchen food relief charity — even after being promoted on her nationwide talk show and to her 79 million followers on Twitter. But perhaps it was just the wrong audience.

While there was a backlash in some quarters of the crypto community against the sale, any mainstream publicity for NFTs is good publicity, right?

Charity crypto founder wanted

Lending further weight to the idea that NFT investors are getting a little more choosy, the “world’s first founding charity NFT,” Covid:aid,remains without a bid one week after opening the bidding.

Covid:aid aims to support those affected by the pandemic, and whoever buys the NFT — an image of the new charity’s logo — will also…



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