Moma Protocol Raises $2.25m to Explore DeFi Potential Of Long-Tail Assets


It is not uncommon to see Ceci and DeFi overlap in certain aspects. Long-tail assets can be of great interest in any financial setting. Moma Protocol acknowledges the potential of such assets in the world of decentralized finance.

The Purpose of Long-Tail Assets

Although the concept may seem strange, traditional finance is home to numerous long-tail assets. This strategy aims to let companies sell low volumes of rare items to a large customer base.

It is contrary to the standard approach of selling in bulk, yet one that has tremendous merit. Selling products with low sales volume present a significant market opportunity. 

The term long-tail can equally apply to investment portfolios. By providing liquidity to assets that may not be in high demand, providers can create new business opportunities.

Users will be able to gain exposure to new markets they would otherwise not be aware of, whereas the assets themselves can go through a renewed spell of interest.

Many similar opportunities exist in the cryptocurrency world as well.

Moma Protocol aims to bring the long-tail concept to the world of decentralized finance. By providing scalability, liquidity, and speculation benefits to the lending market, a new generation of market opportunities will become accessible.

Instead of abandoning crypto assets with low volume and demand, Moma Protocol will create, manage, accelerate, and aggregate lending markets to achieve infinite expansion of liquidity and diversity.

As a project incubated and supported by Lichang – a community App with over 1 million users – the concept behind Moma Protocol…



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