Bank of Korea to Monitor Crypto Transactions Using Financial Records – Regulation Bitcoin News


South Korea’s monetary policy regulator, Bank of Korea, plans to obtain documents from financial institutions to track crypto transactions involving bank accounts. Cryptocurrency prices fluctuate independently from the real economy, the bank says, adding that market growth could pose a risk to the country’s financial system.

South Korean Central Bank to Intensify Screening of Crypto-Related Bank Records

The central bank of South Korea intends to exercise its powers to conduct monitoring of crypto transactions through real-name bank accounts, according to a paper sent to an opposition lawmaker in Seoul. In the correspondence with Choo Kyung-ho from the People Power Party, the regulator turns attention to Article 87 of the Bank of Korea Act and states:

We plan to utilize our legal authority over requesting document submittal from financial institutions to monitor the volume of cryptocurrency transactions made through bank accounts.

By law, the Bank of Korea (BOK) is authorized to acquire records and various other materials from financial institutions when the Monetary Policy Committee considers it necessary for the implementation of its monetary and credit policies.

The bank’s statements suggest that it’s recognizing certain developments in the crypto space as potential threats for these policies, the Korean Herald reported in an…



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