Tony Hawk Purchased Bitcoin in 2012 After Reading About the Silk Road Marketplace – Bitcoin News


Tony Hawk, the American professional skateboarder often referred to as ‘Birdman,’ discussed bitcoin at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami and told the crowd he got into the crypto economy in 2012. Hawk said he heard about the crypto asset after reading about the Silk Road marketplace and at the time, he said to himself bitcoin is the “future of finance.”

Tony Hawk Discovered Bitcoin in 2012, Professional Skateboarder Gave Some to Charity in 2014

The popular skateboarder Tony Hawk spent some time with bitcoiners this past weekend at the multi-day Bitcoin 2021 conference held in Miami. During Hawk’s speech at the event, he explained how he was “living the dream” when he was skating for a living. He compared this passion to people involved with bitcoin and said:

I embraced the idea that skateboarding was for misfits. I felt like a misfit as a kid. I felt like I found my community, my tribe.

At the conference, Hawk discussed the cryptocurrency revolution with the cofounder of Augur Jeremy Gardner. The skateboarder further revealed he is also auctioning 50 limited edition bitcoin skateboards as well for charity. There’s also a single limited edition Hawk-signed skateboard that says “End Fiat.”

While speaking to the crowd in Miami, Hawk noted that he discovered bitcoin…



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