Iran Counts 30 Crypto Mining Farms Licensed to Mint Digital Currencies – Mining Bitcoin News


Iranian authorities have so far authorized 30 facilities for cryptocurrency mining. The crypto mining farms are spread across several regions, including Tehran Province. The government has put out the data amid a crackdown on illegal miners in the country.

A Third of Authorized Mining Farms Are Based in Two Provinces

The Iranian Ministry of Industries, Mining, and Trade has issued licenses to 30 cryptocurrency mining centers, the Financial Tribune revealed this week, quoting official figures published on the department’s website. One of these mining farms is based in Tehran Province where the nation’s capital is situated.

Semnan Province, the administrative region to the east of Tehran, is home to the largest number of licensed facilities, with six crypto farms. Alborz Province is next with four, followed by Mazandaran, East Azerbaijan, and Zanjan provinces.

The ministry has also issued 2,579 establishment permits for new industrial units across the Islamic Republic, 305 of which are in Zanjan Province. Fars Province, with 262 permits, and West Azerbaijan, with its 247, are ranked second and third respectively, the English language…



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