123-Year-Old Hydroelectric Plant Sees New Life Mining Bitcoin — Revenue 3x Higher Than Selling to the Grid – Mining Bitcoin News


On Thursday local reports from Mechanicville, the city located in Saratoga County, New York, say that an old hydroelectric plant constructed back in 1897 was almost dismantled, but today the plant is mining bitcoins. The Mechanicville facility is considered one of the oldest renewable energy plants in the world, and it’s now making “more money with bitcoin than selling the electricity” to the grid.

Historical Hydroelectric Machinery From 1897 Mines Bitcoin

In the historic district of Mechanicville, New York, there’s an 18.3-acre site that is considered one of the oldest renewable energy facilities in the world. Mechanicville Hydroelectric Plant was built in 1897 by the Hudson River Power Transmission Company and years ago the plant was almost shut down. The plant is now owned and operated by Albany Engineering Corp (AEC) and the company signed a deal with National Grid in order to have continued access to cheap renewable energy.

Mechanicville Hydroelectric Plant is the longest-running hydro plant in the U.S. and one of the oldest in the world. Photo credit: Paul Buckowski/Albany Times Union.

Jim Besha, AEC’s CEO, told local reporters that AEC…



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