Bitcoin Whale Ratio Soars, Could A Crash Be Coming?


The Bitcoin all exchanges whale ratio has soared, which might be an indicator that a crash could be coming soon, based on past patterns.

The All Exchanges Whale Ratio Soars

As pointed out by a CryptoQuant post, the Bitcoin All Exchanges Whale Ratio had a sharp spike on Sunday.

The BTC All Exchanges Whale Ratio is defined as the total amount of coins in top 10 transactions of all exchanges (that is, the transactions with the most BTC sent) divided by the total amount of coins flowing into the exchanges.

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Bitcoin All Exchanges Whale Ratio= Sum of Top 10 Exchange Inflow TXs (BTC)​ ÷ Total Exchange Inflows in BTC

The indicator shows the relative size of the top transactions to the total inflows on all exchanges. Based on which, it becomes possible to tell the ratio of whales that are using the exchanges.

Now, here is how the Bitcoin all exchanges whale ratio chart looks like for the year 2021:

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