AXIA Coin launch on KuCoin signals new contender in the digital currency space


AXIA Coin (AXC), an asset-supported digital currency, just completed a successful launch on KuCoin. Starting July 12, traders had the opportunity to mine AXC by staking USDT, KCS, or ETH on the popular exchange’s BurningDrop platform. The promotion quickly sold out leading to a successful listing on July 15 where the new asset was made available to KuCoin’s 8 million users.

AXC comes off successful listings on other major exchanges. The new asset’s appeal comes from its introduction of an inclusionary economic model where users create value by using services offered by AXIA and through their own decentralized activity on the network. This is possible through a monetary framework that turns AXC into an ideal replacement for the current financial system while providing constant rewards for its users.

The project’s CEO Nick Agar had shared his outlook ahead of the launch. “As we continue to make AXC available to blockchain and cryptocurrency adopters around the world, we’re seeing increasing interest in the benefits of the ecosystem it sustains. Having so much success with our ongoing listings is a great indicator that a more inclusive and sustainable economy is necessary and users are ready for it. The rush to get AXC on BurningDrop is part of what we’ll see on Thursday.”

AXIA Coin is an asset-supported global currency, utilizing innovative blockchain and smart contract technology standards to upend traditional financial structures, lower participant costs, and advance a more equitable and inclusionary economic model on a…



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