Bitcoin analyst talks about the ‘opportunity’ in the current market


With a geared up price action and an accelerated upward movement for most currencies on the back of Bitcoin’s rally, newer levels of sentiment and behavior were witnessed market-wide. While all rallies come as a sigh of relief, this Bitcoin rally in particular was of importance after the many negative news and sentiments that were surrounding BTC for the past couple of months. 

After Bitcoin’s weekly gains of almost 30% the big question still remains, is Bitcoin leaving the sandbox finally? BTC analyst, Benjamin Cowen in a recent video presented optimism about Bitcoin’s supposed exit from the Sandbox. He said:

“After spending the summer in the sandbox, the price of Bitcoin may be finally coming out of it. We still need more time to tell, but momentum is with us for now. Whether we leave it now or later, it is more or less a win-win opportunity.”

Source: Benjamin Cowen Youtube

Bitcoin has been in a sandbox since the May 19 price drop falling by 40-50% after entering the under $40K zone. The region between $30K to $40K where Bitcoin has been stuck since its drop is the sandbox. The sandbox basically included a lot of roller-coaster price movements which further induced fear at the lows and FOMO at the tops. 

While there have been attempts by the king coin to breakout out of the sandbox this…



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