Bitcoin AT $46K, Will The Market See $50K Before The Next Bear Market?


Bitcoin is roaring right now price-wise. The price of the coin shows no signs of slowing down following the price rally from the past three weeks. Every time it seems like there is a slowdown, the price picks up again, breaking new resistance points that had before held it back. The run-up from a price range of the low $30,000 has now seen the digital asset price break into the $46k territory.

Despite what might be a slowing down, the digital asset has not lost its position. Rather taking small steps in either direction but ultimately maintaining its position on the charts. $46,800 still remains the price to break at this point, as bitcoin continues to shy away from hitting it.

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Bitcoin Over 24 Hours

Bouncing between $45,000 and $46,000 has been the order of the day for the past 24 hours. Growth patterns showing bounce patterns that would most likely end up charging either direction, up or down. The bulls continue to have the superior hold on the price, with bitcoin having closed out in the green 15 days out of the past 22 days.



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