Chilean Deputy Discloses He Holds Ethereum Despite Being a Crypto Skeptic


Giorgio Jackson, a deputy of the Chilean opposition Democratic Revolution political party, recently revealed in an event ran by a cryptocurrency exchange, Buda, that he holds an undisclosed amount of Ethereum (ETH). However, he made it clear that he remains in a crypto “skeptic” stance.

According to a report from Diario Financiero, during an event named “Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: opportunities and challenges,” Jackson stated that digital assets should be recognized in Chile, but he is not in favor of declaring them as a legal tender like El Salvador president, Nayib Bukele, did in the Central American country. “I do not close myself to the possibility, but I am skeptical, and there are not enough reasons today to maintain that it is something ideal or optimal to have a cryptocurrency as legal tender in any country,” he commented.

Jackson also called off the need to make a traceability to take down crimes that involve cryptocurrencies. Returning to the initial discussion on whether making Bitcoin a legal tender or not in the South American country, the Chilean deputy said that cryptos should get a stable price and urged for a fintech law that could protect people against volatility, trading costs related to virtual currencies, among other factors.

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