You Can Now Use Your .COM Domain As An Ethereum Wallet Thanks To This Integration


Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the market. Its popularity has led to a number of integrations to make transactions easier for its users. Even upgrades like ETH 2.0 are working towards this same goal. Ethereum wallets are not hard to get or operate, as long as one understands how cryptocurrencies work. But instead of having to paste your wallet address to receive payment in ETH, what if you could just receive the coins to your website domain?

A new integration has made this a reality. Now, owners of a .com domain name can use their domains as an Ethereum wallet. Domain name holders will be able to send and receive ETH coins using their .com domains. Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and Domain Name System (DNS) will allow .com domain addresses to effectively operate as Ethereum wallets.

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Running An Ethereum Wallet With A Domain

ENS domain names are the domains that end in a .eth. These domain names have also functioned as Ethereum wallets since their inception. ENS supports top-level domains (TLDs), but instead of creating more TLDs like the .eth, ENS moved in favor of integrating with the currently existing DNS namespace.

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The integration will…



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