Most of El Salvador Citizens Disagree with Bitcoin Law, Survey Finds


Bitcoin (BTC) adoption in El Salvador as a legal tender has sparked widespread discussions among the crypto community, and two new surveys have unveiled that a vast majority of Salvadorans aren’t happy with such a maneuver. According to El Diario de Hoy and La Prensa Grafica, citing a survey of 1,281 people made by the Central American University (UCA), 7 out of 10 Salvadorans believe National Deputies should take down the Bitcoin Law.

The study, ‘The Salvadoran population has an opinion on Bitcoin and the country’s socioeconomic situation,’ highlights that 66.7% of the people want such a law to pass the National Assembly, which is set to promulgate on September 7.

In fact, just 5.5% of the surveyed people are ‘very interested’ in using an e-wallet named Chivo for the purpose. Furthermore, when asked, ‘Should the use of Bitcoin be mandatory or voluntary for the Salvadoran population?’ 95.9% of the surveyed participants answered that it should be voluntary.

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