Deposit crypto and manage digital assets with Huobi Earn


Crypto trading platforms like Huobi Global are making trading more accessible to everyday investors, providing a wide range of educational content, products, and tools. 

Especially since Bitcoin topped $60,000 in March after rebounding from the year’s low of $27,734 on Jan. 4, more and more investors are looking to add digital assets to their portfolios. 

And yet there are various types of investors, some who enjoy short-term trading, and others who prefer investing for the long term. Huobi’s newly launched product, Huobi Earn, enables longer-term holders to make money by depositing their assets. 

What Is Huobi Earn?

In a nutshell, Huobi Earn enables users to manage their digital assets in an easier and more efficient way. With Featured Deposits, Flexible Deposits, and Fixed Deposits as the three main products, Huobi Earn aims to provide investors with multiple options to manage their assets.  

Featured Deposits are when investors deposit certain specified assets for certain time periods. The returns are high but the aggregate quantity allowed is limited – that is once investors deposit a certain amount, the promotion will cease to accept new deposits. 

Flexible Deposits gives users the flexibility to transfer their balances into daily-APY-earning instruments, without locking them up. Fixed Deposits, on the other hand, have a lock-in period and can only be redeemed at the end of the designated period. However, the APY can be much higher.

In August this year, Huobi Earn also launched a new product named First Timer, where new users can receive…



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