Digital Gold v. Legos – Can just Bitcoin or Ethereum do it all


Bitcoin v. Ethereum – The elephant in the room of most Bitcoin and altcoin analyses. During a recent episode of the Unchained podcast, host Laura Shin let the author of The Bullish Case for Bitcoin, Vijay Boyapati, and Ethereum Foundation Researcher Justin Drake take a stab at the question.

Needless to say, it was the latest chapter in the debate between Bitcoin and Ethereum maximalists.

According to Boyapati, Bitcoin was right to give importance to backwards compatibility, when compared to changing protocols or issuance volumes – as Ethereum has done. In fact, Boyapati believes such actions undermine the decentralization of the platform, with the exec adding,

“It’s very hard to change something like Ethereum, when it’s at scale. It’s like changing a plane that’s flying, taking the engine out while it’s in midair and changing the engine.”

That’s not all, however, with the exec quick to conclude that Ethereum’s scalability effort is “doomed to failure.”

Meanwhile, Drake explained his previous comment about Ethereum being “the fulfillment of Satoshi’s vision.” Tweeting Nakamoto’s very first commit, Drake used it to claim that the Bitcoin creator had been thinking of building a marketplace on top of Bitcoin.

Calling Bitcoin “digital gold,” Drake…



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