15 Ways to Stay Sane While Trading Crypto


In casinos they say the house always wins, because over the long haul, once you tune out the noise of flukey players who do well at blackjack, the house enjoys the percentage edge. If you have a 52% chance of winning, you will rack up many Ls, and maybe you might even lose three or five or ten times in a row. But when the sample size gets to be 10,000, you will win around 52% of the time. Melker says that if you’re trading with the right mindset, that’s how you view each trade, and let the losses roll off you. “It’s almost like this long-term mathematical formula,” says Melker. “If you execute, and you do it long enough, you just win a little more than you lose.” Melker says that at this point, individual losses “don’t affect me at all.”



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