prePO: Making pre-public equity accessible for everyone


One of the issues faced by retail investors is that of being excluded from early investment opportunities that could help them make gains in the long term. One of the reasons for this is due to the limited number of places on a cap table.

Investors need not only a high capital but also access to timely information and an entry point to these private investments. Even then, investments aren’t guaranteed due to the limited number of slots.

Pre-public asset distribution can seem to be unfair and out of reach for most investors in this case.

prePO is aiming to solve this by providing an unlimited number of new seats for investors around the cap table thereby unlocking access for all and building a financially inclusive system.

What is prePO?

prePO is building a decentralized trading platform that would allow anyone to speculate on the valuation of a pre-IPO company or a pre-token project from anywhere around the world. The platform aims to democratize pre-public equity and address the problem of financial exclusion and provide permissionless access to users.

prePO is short for pre-IPO and it would allow for the creation of an unlimited number of new seats around the cap table thereby unlocking access for all.

How does it work?

The prePO ecosystem has 3 main actors; Traders, Liquidity Providers (LP), and PPO Token holders (Pregens):

Liquidity providers provide liquidity to one or more prePO markets in the form of USD stablecoins. They receive 3 layers of rewards…



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