Ravendex: Private sale sells out 60% of allotted tokens, MVP to release soon


RavenDex has been garnering Momentum since its conception, The Cardano-based widely adopted project has seen its fast-paced team released a Demo of their Decentralized Exchange (Dex) platform and they are looking to release their fully Functional Product before the end of Q4 2021.

RavenDex is a Cardano blockchain-based decentralized exchange. It enables blockchain participants to offer liquidity and establish a market for others to swap their native tokens and is the first Cardano-based exchange that allows instant transactions at low fees. 

Since the commencements of its Token Sale on 5th of October 2021, Ravendex has sold over 60% of its allotted tokens to early adopters for their private sale round and the sale will end in less than 48Hrs, the sales of the $Rave token has been implemented according to the team to raise funds to support its operations, the team at Ravendex will announce its next sale round in the event that the Private sale tokens is sold out. 

Private Sale For Early Adopter?

Coupled with RavenDex Cross Chain capacity, users will be able to swap their Cardano tokens to generate passive income. Liquidity providers will earn interest for pooling or contributing their digital assets into the liquidity pool for others to borrow. Ravendex supports ADA users with price feed transactions, asset price displays, as well as wallets to store their tokens. 

Being a project that is poised to gain massive traction, token holders can sell their assets to make increased profits….



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