Mexico’s President evades calls to incorporate Bitcoin as legal tender


El Salvador‘s decision to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender has set off a wave of political excitement across Latin America. However, according to Mexico’s President, the country will be rejecting any ideas associated with integrating Bitcoin into its financial system.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recently spoke at a press conference to present his government’s point of view on the cryptocurrency. According to Obrador, his government will maintain a traditional approach to the management of finances and will not innovate much in that field.

“We are not going to change in that aspect. We think that we must maintain orthodoxy in the management of finances [and] not try to innovate much in financial management.”

Instead of changing the national financial system to make it Bitcoin-friendly, the government will focus on the prospects of ‘tax evasions’ instead.

“[We want to make sure] that there are no privileges, that everyone contributes [with their taxes] and that is enough.”

This statement is completely contrary to Bitcoin narratives from countries such as El Salvador and Venezuela. In fact, Bitcoin has played a very major geopolitical role in these countries. However, Mexico’s president remains undeterred.

“The truth is that we haven’t had a problem in terms of tax collection, and…



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