Interview: Equiti’s Iskandar Najjar on Growth, Regional Expansion, and Future Plans


Recently, Finance Magnates got the opportunity to interview Iskandar Najjar, CEO of Equiti Group. Najjar is an industry veteran with nearly two decades of experience in the global financial markets. Under his leadership, Equiti Group continues to evolve and experience rapid growth and significant expansion.

In the latest discussion, the CEO of Equiti Group opened up about the Group’s recent expansion and the future of the retail and institutional FX market.


  • First of all, we are really glad to have you here Mr. Najjar, before we proceed further, can you please tell our readers about the kind of services Equiti Group is offering?


Sure, we offer multi-asset class solutions across different instruments and across different derivatives as well. We have CFDs trading, and we are expanding out to cash equities, fixed income, futures, and options. So, in principle, where we will be in 2022 is truly a multi-asset broker across a wide array of asset classes. Our background was in CFDs trading, but we have evolved. We are also looking at expanding our financial services offering and we are working on several products that we plan to roll out around 2023.

Our client base today varies from retail traders to high-net-worth individuals, to other brokers, who could potentially require some of our technological solutions, liquidity solutions, as well as banks and hedge funds. We are expanding our network outside FX and CFD trading to wider instruments and wide asset class solutions. Our regions are well diversified. From the retail point of view,…



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