WallStreetBets-inspired SatoshiStreetBets ushers in the next crypto DeFi season


 $SSB Token introduces several new features to the cryptocurrency industry. Building an accelerated hyper-deflationary distribution model, combined with a long-term business-oriented roadmap, requires a different take. Nevertheless, several features of the tokens stand out, both for tokenomics and utility. 

The first innovative feature is “Buy The Dip” or BTD. $SSB Token is the industry’s first asset to reward buyers when buying the dip. Any buys made 10% below the 4-hour ATH are rewarded with a reduced buy tax of up to 11%. Not only does $SSB Token reward buyers with the lowest possible taxes, but it is a free bonus for those who were purchasing the token either way.

Buy The Dip is a powerful solution, yet it only reaches its full potential when combined with the Leviathan Buyback. The automated feature serves as a 6% buyback tax applied to every transaction through $SSB Token.

The 6% tax is converted to BNB and stored inside the Leviathan contract to personally buy back tokens from the market. The innovative part is how this process occurs through automated learning and scheduling.

After every buyback, the rough seas sales tax ramps up to 2.5x for 30 minutes and then decays back to the base tax protecting the Leviathan buyback mechanism — all bought back tokens are then burned immediately reducing overall supply.

To build an ecosystem for $SSB Token, the team opts for a multi-pronged approach. The first core feature is the 3% buyback tax on every transaction through the Lottery/promotion…



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