Polkadot’s rally in the near-term is subject to these factors


Gavid Wood’s indication that the DOT treasury has 18.9 million tokens (amounting to $826.497 million at press time) ready to be spent on the development of the ecosystem, invited heightened anticipation for Polkadot. For close to three months now, Polkadot has had a sustained rally with occasional speed breakers but an all-in-all-good run. 

As BTC regained momentum and at press time noted a 4.30% rise to $62,000, major altcoins followed suit. Polkadot, too, looked primed for a breakout this time as it oscillated at $43.59 and noted 2.15% daily gains. 

What’s paving DOT’s way?

On 22 October, PolkaPet World, the Polkadot ecosystem NFT project in partnership with 21 of the biggest Polkadot projects, announced that the first-round funding for its highly anticipated PETS token closed at over $3.1 million. 

With the announcement of the first Polkadot parachain auction, the altcoin’s path towards a rally was already paved. However, as November approaches, since the initial batch is scheduled for 11 November, the hype around DOT still persists.

High anticipation for the eighth-ranked alt was also visible in its high social volumes. Further, a negative weighted sentiment for DOT (noting -0.56) at the time of writing, gave additional room for the alt to rally. 

That being said, all through June, Polkadot was also the most held asset by VCs and hedge funds. This meant, that big money players had their hands deep in DOT. This was another reason why market…



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