Kinesis Money Partners with Atlas Vaults


Kinesis Money, the monetary system based on 1:1 allocated gold and silver, partners with major Panama-based vaulting provider, trading hub and broker, Atlas Vaults and Atlas Brokers, to bring superior value and returns to Atlas Vaults and Kinesis clients, and the wider Latin American region.

Central to the partnership, Atlas Vaults and Atlas Brokers will introduce their vast Latin American client base to the Kinesis Money platform, enabling them to earn a passive yield on their precious metals holdings, with all storage and insurance costs covered.

The anticipated influx of new users stands to further stimulate Kinesis’ global transactional activity, increasing the yields based on global transaction fee revenue distributed among clients monthly.

Following Kinesis Money’s $2.84M October payout on gold and silver, the platform now makes its proven risk-free, usage-based yield on precious metals accessible to the Latin American region through a familiar provider.

Pivotal to the partnership, Atlas Vaults’ Panama storage facility will become an approved vault within the global vaulting and trading network of Kinesis’ core partner, Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX), as well as a member of the ABX Quality Assurance Framework (QAF).

Kinesis will utilise the new vault, the 13th across 9 countries, to aggregate pricing and liquidity from a wider range of global trading hubs. In doing so, Kinesis can continue to deliver global investors the best aggregated pricing and spreads in the precious metals industry.

Thomas Coughlin, CEO of Kinesis Money comments:

”Through this newly formed Panama-based hub, Kinesis and Atlas Vaults and Brokers is gearing up to service the region…



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