XinFin Based StorX Offers the Most Reliable Decentralized Cloud Storage Solution


Data is the most important element of today’s information-driven businesses. The better decision-makers understand their staff’s requirements, industry developments, and client expectations. Also, it can more strategically plan future growth. This need has fuelled massive development in decentralized cloud storage.

StorX aspires to be a decentralized cloud storage leader. Convenient enterprise-grade storage options like Google Drive are combined with solid open source technologies. It wants to democratize the monopolized cloud service industry. Its technology allows consumers to rent storage from individual farms rather than a centralized service provider. Moreover, it is an open-source initiative.

StorX node is for you if you want to put your empty disc space to work, contribute to the future of cloud storage, and be paid. StorX is a decentralized cloud storage service backed by the XinFin blockchain network. Anyone may run a node on the network and earn SRX tokens. The network integrates Google Drive with dependable open source technologies. It also promotes good performers and removes bad performers. It uses an AI system to assess node reputation.

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The User, The Star, and The Satellites are the three core parts of StorX Ecosystems. The SRX token is a payment currency on the StorX platform. The user hosting data must pay in SRX, and the farmer hosting node will receive it in SRX.

Node Operators

The primary…



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