NBA star Kyle Kuzma partners with Space Runners to launch His NFT shoe brand


One of the biggest stars in the NBA right now, Kyle Kuzma has reached a partnership agreement with Space Runners. The deal will see Space Runners using Kyle Kuzma’s name on their branded digital sneakers.

Space Runners is a unique digital sneaker brand in the NFT space, focusing on handcrafted NFT footwear for collectors. It is a unique take on the NFT space, where all NFTs are secure on the Solana Blockchain. Space Runners gives sneakers designed in collaboration with celebrities and businesses, eternal relevance on the blockchain.

The Future of Footwear: Metashoes

By combining NFTs with footwear, Space Runners intends to become the future of footwear. They partner with brands and celebrities to ease their entrance to the NFT space, simply by offering them “NFT as a Service“. . Companies that have successfully done this include Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton. Through Space Runners, major companies will be allowed to host huge NFT collections, where each item will be a unique piece of art created in collaboration with artists and celebrities.

Currently, investors have contributed around $30 million. When major brands like Adidas join the space, they are likely to change the space forever. They will be able to release unique Space Runners collections that are immortalized on the blockchain.

However, Nike recently filed for 7 ‘virtual goods’ trademarks for branding in NFTs. In comparison to Nike, Space Runners are much further ahead in terms of designs, features, community, and partnerships!

Space Runners has already…



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