Kineko Announces Migration to Solana Following $41 Million In Volume Turnover


Kineko, a high-throughput sports betting and prediction markets protocol with the real-time settlement, has officially migrated to Solana. The company has gained substantial momentum since its inception on the Ethereum network and continues to be a leader in the crypto betting space. To date, Kineko has a volume turnover totaling over $41 million. The team took a step back to evaluate the efficacy of the Ethereum network and its ability to scale and work for the dApp as well as their users, both from a logistical and financial sense.

High gas prices, long transaction times, among other issues are ones that can be solved with a transition to Solana. Within the Solana network, transactions are orders of magnitude faster and cheaper, making it cost-efficient for bettors, liquidity providers, and for the project itself. Users can expect improvements in the speed of bet settlements, payouts, and deposits being credited to betting accounts.

With the migration complete the Kineko token can be purchased on Raydium and staked for around 200-300% APY, or alternatively, if users wish to bet, $KKO gives a 2% discount on all sports bets. With the global betting market worth over $250 billion, it seems now people are beginning to understand the power of a high throughput low-cost chain, marry that with a great UI/UX experience and you have a product that can truly scale.

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