Dress Program Announces The Launch Of Its Game-Fi Metaverse


]]]] >]] > HO CHI MINUTES CITY, Vietnam, Nov. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)– Gown Show Group is proud to reveal the launch of its Game-Fi platform http://nftdress.show/. Game-Fi has actually become another essential instructions in the crypto world after DeFi and NFT. The distinction is that Game-Fi’s powerful “Play-to-Earn” mode makes its users extremely sticky, and the possibilities and development prospects of the entire market are far beyond DeFi+NFT alone. The current leader of the Game-Fi track, Axie Infinity, has a single-day earnings that has gone beyond any DeFi or NFT rival lot of times, and has brought in widespread attention in the industry. Some investment institutions have anticipated that Game-Fi will replace standard video games in the future, and its market size might surpass one trillion United States dollars.

In the crypto world there are numerous glory-seekers, but top quality projects are few and stand apart easily. Specialists in this wave of entrepreneurship quickly recognize Dress Show’s enormous potential. Dress Show is a blockchain game fixated dress-up as the core gameplay, and with DeFi and NFT integrate in an innovative and lively ecosystem. Compared to conventional video games, their mode and community are way more exciting and innovative.

Players can get their very first outfit, including clothing, hats, make-up, and background pictures, by opening a mystery box and thus creating their NFT, and then they can go into the PK session. The most exciting thing is that players can click the clothes sneak peek effect button to show …



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