Metaverse shows potential to become a trillion dollar industry, transform Web3.0


If cryptoverse doesn’t sound exciting enough, well then we have a Metaverse in the making. This new-age technology aims to revolutionize the internet. In fact, it is a push towards Web 3.0. Well, the question is- how? Interestingly, this was something the investment giants like Grayscale had been trying to study too.

In the same context, the company released a report focused on the upcoming tech titled “The Metaverse, Web 3.0 Virtual Cloud Economies.” Authored by its research head David Grider and analyst Matt Maximo, it predicted the industry’s potential to become a trillion-dollar industry in a few years.

The researcher duo estimated that the users of the Metaverse have already surged by 10x in one and a half years. Further, the growth could become even more fast-paced. According to them, at this rate, it will become a trillion-dollar industry by 2022.

Source: Grayscale research report

It is visible on the chart above, that the growing number of Metaverse wallets just until the last quarter is impeccable.

The latest report also focuses on the open Metaverse worlds backed by an “interconnected crypto-economy” such as Decentraland. Surprisingly, MANA or Decentraland has taken the crypto and the Metaverse space by storm.

It attracted the attention of prominent celebrities and also saw the sale of a virtual property worth $2.45 million- indeed, an astonishing price when compared to real properties.

Apart from taking over the…



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