Bitcoin’s 5% recovery and what it means for December 2021


Bitcoin fueled momentary panic on 26 November when the market dropped by more than 5% on the hourly candle. It registered a new monthly low of $53,500 and some relative concerns took shape. The consistent decline over the course of November had already hindered the positive sentiment a little and the lower range consolidation did not help over the past few days.

And yet, the larger narrative is still holding true to its core as the recovery last night presented another fair share of insight.

With November coming to a close, December could be looking at a completely different trajectory.

Not as bad as it looks

2021 has been unique for Bitcoin. Unique in a sense that over the course of the last 11 months, BTC has witnessed a new ATH multiple times. In between those massive highs, there were significant lows as well. However, putting the rest of the year in context, November’s drawdown from its ATH was the least significant.

Source: Twitter

Bitcoin dropped by only 21.8% from its ATH this month, whereas previously it had dropped down by 54% in May-July and another whopping 37.2% in September. Those drawdowns stifled BTC’s immediate recovery therefore, November’s drop was not a devastating outlook.

During this particular period, whales have remained in the thick of things. According to Willy Woo, a popular Bitcoin analyst, a drop in prices caused whales to make strong…



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