Millionaire Mansion VIP social club to launch on Decentraland (MANA)


The Millionaire Maker Team is pleased to announce the successful launch of the Millionaire Maker token on the Binance Smart Chain. Initial response and token adoption have exceeded all launch expectations attracting over 5,000 new token holders in less than a week. 

In the next few days, we will start the rollout of our extensive plans to design and operate Millionaire Mansion, a first-of-its-kind VIP Social Club on Decentraland (MANA), one of the largest and most dynamic metaverse platforms.

(Rendering of Millionaire Mansion)

Plans for Q1 2022

Millionaire Mansion members will POP bottles and PARTY like virtual ROCKSTARS with a variety of Las Vegas-style luxury-themed VIP rooms, entertainment, and gain access to exclusive metaverse events like live concerts. 

Of course, you can always make it rain with Millionaire Maker Tokens to purchase exclusive virtual merch to pimp (or lady pimp) your Millionaire Mansion persona to the max. Millionaire Maker will include a limited-edition Millionaire Mansion NFT series to flex your new millionaire status. 

Millionaire Mansion will be the ultimate metaverse destination to experience that RICH and FAMOUS player lifestyle from the comfort of your own home.

(Exclusive NFT collection)

Development Update 

To accelerate this project, Millionaire Maker is partnering with top metaverse architects and luxury brands to assist in creating the most thrilling Millionaire Mansion experience possible. Expected Millionaire Mansion launch party Q1 2022. 

More news on Millionaire Mansion development coming soon…

CertiK Audit and Contract Renouncement




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