Keith Haring’s original artwork goes on sale as NFT on Haru Invest


Keith Haring’s original artwork from the decade 1980s is set to be launched as NFT on the popular digital asset management firm Haru Invest. The sale is scheduled from 1st December to 10th December 2021. The artwork called “Untitled” is considered a profitable investment with an average return on investment of 208%.

Hugo Lee, CEO of Haru Invest is very optimistic about the sale and considers this sale as a unique opportunity for the investors in the booming digital collectibles space. He believes that NFTs with intrinsic value will be the real growth drivers of the NFT market in the future.

What does the NFT sale offer?

The “Untitled” NFT features some of the most iconic artwork of  Keith Haring including highly appraised signatures, a heart icon, and primary colors with a high chromatic value. It also consists of a two-eyed smiling face which is slightly different from its two-eyed version.

The NFT will be sold in a draw format, with applicants entering a pool upon application. A lucky winner will be selected at random from the pool of potential buyers to have the chance to purchase Keith Haring’s NFT.

Once the purchase is made, the buyer will have to decide within a year – whether to keep the digital NFT or exchange it for the original artwork. Upon exchange for the original physical artwork, the NFT will be burned. If the buyer chooses to keep the NFT, the original physical artwork will be destroyed. 



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