Bumper Finance’s Public Token Sale Gives Users a Solution to Crypto Price Volatility


Registration for the BUMP Public Token Sale opened on December 2nd

Although Wall St has long been invested in the cryptocurrency markets, the two are still very different when it comes to market volatility; the wild price swings of crypto assets are enough to chill even the most successful Forex trading professionals to the bone. As the blockchain and crypto industries continue to balloon in both innovation and valuation, protection from untamed price action is still largely unavailable for most, and has no doubt impacted the world’s view on the market as a whole.

In recent years, various advances have been made in the areas of cryptocurrency options and automated trading, but these products are often complex and expensive meaning they are out of reach for most “everyday” traders and investors. Bumper Finance looks to fill a gap in the market with the introduction of a price protection protocol, one that benefits both the user purchasing price protection at a premium and those providing stablecoins into the protocol’s liquidity reserve.

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The BUMP Public Token Sale

With over $17.5 million already invested in Bumper Finance’s mission, the BUMP Pre-Sale was heavily subscribed and the Bumper team also declined over $32 million in institutional investment in order to give more investment opportunities to their community. The Bumper team opened registrations…



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